995 N Pontiac Trail, Walled Lake, MI

DCN Conference December 2017 (Michigan)

Tea, Tarts & Tranquility with Yinka – Conference
Dosage for Well-Being! – A Balanced Life.
December 30th 2017

There’s something calming and relaxing about holding a cup of hot tea in your hands, the warmth of the container sends signals to the mind telling it, its okay to breathe..
There’s something alluring about waiting patiently for the contents of the tea cup to simmer and cool off before we begin sipping it.
That waiting period and the first sip is the most important part of it.

Family Support and coordination of benefits through effective communication with other women can change an angry, frustrating conversation into a positive, productive one. For families suffering with a loved one’s disability, simple conversations get complicated.

Learn easy communication strategies that will help you maintain your own sanity, give your loved one a better chance to change their own behavior, and open the lines of communication.

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