Developmental Care Network, Inc is a 501©3 non-profit organization based in Michigan, USA

A.O. Gansallo-Lawrence

Anthonia Olayinka Gansallo-Lawrence is the founder of Developmental Care Network, Inc.

A 501©3 non-profit organization based in Michigan, USA.

She oversees, and coordinates yearly awareness programs, educative community network and family-inclusion conferences to drive home the importance of Early Childhood Mental Health, Autism Awareness, Developmental Disabilities, Post Diagnosis Treatment, Cancer Initiatives while offering support group for families.

Being a Mother and a Certified Applied Behavior Analyst/Consultant of over 15 years, she carries with her a vast wealth of clinical and personal experience from the home front, that has enabled her to easily connect with families and caretakers of children with disabilities.

Her Platform caters to developing coping strategies, treatment plans for children with disabilities while also catering to the needs of their families.

Anthonia is the facilitator of ‘My Child Thrives’ by DCN Group – a weekly support group forum on TELEGRAM dedicated to discussing concerns about cultural biases, stigma associated to autism, support for families with understanding the diagnosis, treatment plan development for challenging behaviors while providing a safe faith-based hub for families to connect with each other.

You can also learn more about her autism/cancer journey on her monthly inspirational blog ‘Moving Forward With Yinka” or connect with  her Healthcare Behavioral Team at in Southfield, Michigan.