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Having worked as a Behavior consultant and Early Interventionist for over 10 years, completing assessments and evaluations for developmentally delayed children, I knew all the red flags of a child dealing with either Communication, Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Adaptation, Motor/Physical delays.

Over the years, I had witnessed several emotional setbacks with families of  children having some sort of developmental delay.

Leaving each family at the end of a session, I discovered, there was a void and something missing on my part as their consultant. I realized that the emotional well being of the families and caretakers of my clients was vital, far more relevant than we think!

As life would have it, I saw some of the red flags I had monitored and evaluated in my youngest daughter when she was only 12 months.

“What did I do wrong during my pregnancy?”

“What influenced it?” 

“Will my child ever develop age-appropriately?”

These are questions no book or journal could answer for me, or for any of the families I have worked with over the years!  But, tending to their children and administering Hope through silent prayers and therapy became the…

To be continued…