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How we help your child and family

We help children with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing resources and referrals to:

  • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis to determine the best course of care from doctoral psychologists.
  • Evidence-based treatments that decrease problem behaviors, build skills, and improve parent-child relationships
  • Therapists who specialize in developmental disabilities and are trained in behavioral interventions to address problem behaviors
  • Social skills groups that assist children in interacting with others
  • Help finding the community resources children with developmental disabilities need to thrive

Developmental Care Network also organizes quarterly informal educative and inspiring conferences to address the needs of every member of the family.

Ladies Connect – Tea, Tarts & Tranquility with Yinka! 

Ladies are connected in a cozy setting and an informal gathering where they are enlightened and empowered through open conversations about life’s triumphs and setbacks. Qualified inspirational speakers are on hand to deliver themed talks and also provide one-on-one sessions with attendees.

Family Connect 

A family-based retreat conference coordinated quarterly geared towards connecting families and caretakers of developmentally disadvantaged individuals to encourage and give HOPE through coping strategies, fun activities at venues that provide sensory integrated activities and are also educationally themed.

Community Outreach: Abigail’s Closet Shelter Group

So, have you ever wondered the joy and happiness that your fairly used stuff could bring into the lives of other people out there, who are still in need of what you don’t want anymore? Be a giver! Donate your fairly used wardrobe to Abigail’s Closet. The designated not-for-profit closet for the needy, equipping people with appropriate attires to help them stand out and tall, and ready to fulfill their dreams.

Cancer Awareness Outreach: Greater Than Cancer Group

Bringing individuals living with cancer, survivors and their families together through gatherings, seminars and fundraising walks; thereby empowering and celebrating milestones and also remembering that the battle continues towards bringing an end to the scourge of cancer.

Men Connect

We create an atmosphere where men can converge in an informal setting to relax and share experiences, thoughts and ideas and also challenges faced in the care and well being of family members that are developmentally delayed. These gatherings are held at conducive venues like bowling alleys and game arcades.