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Yearly Events

Yearly Developmental Care Network Events:

Developmental Care Network also organizes quarterly informal educative and inspiring conferences to address the needs of every member of the family, such as:


  • Family Education – Therapeutic Thursdays with Yinka (blog line).
    What is Autism Spectrum Disorder and what are some available resources? We help children with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing resources and referrals to:
    Clinical evaluation and diagnosis to determine the best course of care from doctoral psychologists.
    Evidence-based treatments that decrease problem behaviors, build skills, and improve parent-child relationships
    with therapists who specialize in developmental disabilities and are trained in behavioral interventions to address problem behaviors
    Social skills groups that assist children in interacting with others and helping to find community resources for children with developmental disabilities.


  • Developmental Disabilities Conference
    Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, Lansing, USA. The Developmental Disabilities Conference,
    organized by the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine takes
    place in East Lansing, United States Of America. The conference will cover areas like Identify
    effective methods for the practical application of concepts related to improving the delivery of
    services for persons with developmental disabilities. Identify advances in clinical assessment
    and management of selected health care issues related to persons with developmental


  • African American Developmental Disabilities Parent Advisory Group (AADDPA)
    The African American Developmental Disabilities Parent Advisory Group (AADDPA) was
    founded in 2015 in order to meet the unique needs of parents of African American children with
    autism and other developmental disabilities. The AADDPA supports the needs of the families by
    providing advocacy and resources to increase awareness of developmental disabilities at the
    community level. This group is open to all and is specifically designed to support families with culturally tailored information to empower them to choose options that are appropriate for their
    family. The meetings are usually the fourth Wednesday of each month from 6-8pm.


  • Vamos a platicar (Let's Talk) conference
    Vamos a platicar (Let’s Talk) is a six-week series that will be conducted entirely in
    Spanish. It is for parents of children with disabilities to share their experiences and to
    learn about their child’s diagnosis and needs and how to help them achieve their full


  • Developmental Care Network Autism Awareness Walk & Family Connect, Milford
    Michigan – with Autism Speaks of America
    A family-based organized walk to raise awareness and early intervention for Autism followed by
    a retreat conference coordinated quarterly geared towards connecting families and caretakers
    of developmentally disadvantaged individuals to encourage and give HOPE through coping
    strategies, fun activities at venues that provide sensory integrated activities and are also
    educationally themed.


  • Tea, Tarts and Tranquility with Yinka
    Ladies are connected in a cozy setting and an informal gathering where they are enlightened
    and empowered through open conversations about life’s triumphs and
    Set-backs. Qualified mental health counselors and faith based inspirational speakers are on
    hand to deliver themed talks and also provide one-on-one sessions with attendees.