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DCN is a family oriented support care network specializing in assisting families and caretakers of developmental disabled children.
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Clinical evaluation and diagnosis to determine the best course of care from doctoral psychologists.
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DCN teaches and empower not just the family and caregivers, but also the child.
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No family should carry the burden of a diagnosis alone
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Why Choose Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to foster family involvement in every sphere of our programs.

What we do

We offer parental support, skill-building and behavioral techniques…

How We Help

Ultimately, we help by steering parents towards accessing available resources, breaking down the bureaucratic barriers

Our Audience

We are organized exclusively for charitable, community outreach and educational purposes.

Maximum Tax Advantages

Developmental Care Network Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan.

Our Experience

We build strengths through rewarding coping strategies within the individual, family, peer group and community.

Our Causes

DCN Autism Awareness

Campaign for Acceptance & Behavior Treatment Plan for caretakers during yearly Autism fundraising, Walks and conferences

DCN Degenerative Disorders

Support Hub where support coordination is provided for families and caretakers of those affected by:

  • Sickle Cell
  • MS
  • Mental Health

DCN Team: Greater Than Cancer

Yearly Walks with American Cancer Society to raise awareness, provide resources on treatment, give emotional support to survivors while also honoring those who have lost the battle.

Tea, Tarts & Tranquility with Yinka!

DCN Women’s Informal conference for training and teaching coping strategies and maintaining a balanced lifestyle while taking care of developmental disadvantage children or family members

Abigail’s Closet

Community Outreach program coordinated by all DCN members and volunteers for clothing distribution, shelter visits and food drive.

DCN Early Intervention

Dare To Thrive Program (For Infants, Toddlers & their family to help teach importance of detecting early delays in childhood development) DCN’s Early Intervention Dare to Thrive Program is geared mostly towards low-income, economically disadvantaged communities and most especially in under-developed countries in Africa.

The aim of this program here in the US is to educate and enlighten the communities affected through outreach and seminars on the importance of early intervention in childhood development, while also providing guidance on how to access the myriad of resources that are available and how to take advocate for their wards and take advantage of these resources.

DCN will embark on yearly mission trips to developing countries in Africa, will give education and donation or aid while helping to dispel the stigma associated with childhood developmental delays and mental health, laying emphasis on early intervention and treatment plans geared towards helping affected individuals thrive while also empowering families and caretakers.

Seminars will be held through training and enlightenment workshops in various communities, schools and institutions with the aid curriculum that will be developed for dissemination through various media and devices based on the accessibility available. The main aim here is to help develop a system whereby affected individuals who have been stigmatized and/or labeled as useless can be trained and empowered to be useful to their families and indeed the society.

Man Voice @ DCN

Informal gathering for men presented by subject experts that take into consideration the male perspective and mindset in regards to training and teaching coping strategies and maintaining a balanced lifestyle while taking care of developmentally disadvantage children and family member.

In most cases men tend to mask their emotions and struggle regardless of the situation more so when it involves family and mental health. This forum is designed to help shed light on available strategies and resources not just through subject experts but also bringing in men who have vast experience in this area raising children with developmental delays



Latest News

DCN Sensory Fair at Goodells Park

DCN Sensory Fair at Goodells Park - July 17th, 2019          

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Special Education Fair at St Clair County RESA

Special Education Fair at St Clair County RESA - April 13th 2019            

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DCN autism awareness fare

  Anthony Lanni - MSU Basketballer on the Spectrum                  …

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Our Volunteer

Esther Jegede profile pic
Esther Jegede
Behavior Consiltant/ DCN Philadelphia Coordinator
Valerie Lawson
DCN St. Clair County Michigan Behavior Specialist/Lead Coordinator